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Naming sides of right angled triangles

The Trig Ratios

Math Interactives

Remembering the Ratios- SOHCAHTOA

A good way to remember the trig ratios is to use the SOH CAH TOA acronym.
Sine=Opp/Hyp Cos=Adj/Hyp Tan=Opp/Adj
The first letters from each word make SOHCAHTOA.
Listen to this song by Tyler Stanton to help you remember.

(If this file is blocked, here is the link for you if you want to listen to it at home http://www.tylerstanton.com/2009/07/13/sohcahtoa/)

Height of a Building and Distance to the Stars

(do yourself a favour and watch without sound)

Finding Angles Golf Game

Math Interactives- golf game